Advent Reflections 2020 – Day 11


Advent 2020 – Longing for the Kingdom

Based upon: 1 Thessalonians 2: 13-end

By Steve Muneza, Cranmer Hall – Please Share Widely

From Youtube Subtitles

Robert Stevenson once said don’t judge each day by the harvests you reap but by the seeds you plant i think there is something of this as paul is writing to his church in the sonica uh it is chapter 2 from verse 13. first of all he he tells them that he is grateful that they were able to receive the message that he brought not as a message from people or human beings but as a message from god and he reflects on the fact that what made this uh way of receiving god’s word so powerful was not just the joys that it brought or the fellowship but rather their ability to withstand persecution when persecution came and he tells them that they share in this uh suffering together that he talks about uh the longing how he longs to see them or to be with them to have fellowship with them and i think many of us will be able to relate to this in these times of uh covered uh and uh restrictions we long to see our friends and family and church members and to be able to have fellowship together and we long for those days when we could just uh share a cup of coffee and catch up and share lives together and somehow paul talks about the restrictions that he feels and the longing for that moment when they could be together fellowship together he also talks about the longing of the coming of christ and the manifestation of his glory he then links this manifestation of uh christ’s glory to something that surprised me i don’t know what you have in mind when the bible talks about the manifestation of god’s glory or the coming kingdom whether it is about this promised a perfect apartment in god’s own house or this perfect land of milk and honey all the streets of gold that we will be enjoying somehow paul seems to talk about god’s glory being manifested in the lives of the church members in thessalonica whose lives have been transformed and he says your very lives are our glory i thought that this is really what uh uh maybe god is teaching us uh about uh uh the fact that as we await for his coming as we await for his manifestation and revelation our transformed lives already begin to reflect his glory and that through our transformed the courageous lives that are able to withstand persecution and hardship uh and live faithfully through those moments his glory is manifested from now and into eternity so as we await to celebrate christmas in a way to encounter the christ who is coming may we be enabled to live these transformed lives that truly reflect god’s kingdom and god’s glory amen

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