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Many of you will be aware that Rachael Philips has been working hard on raising the profile of generosity across the diocese of Durham over the last two years working with over 100 different churches and individuals to assist each one in their context. As a development of Rachael’s work two new appointments were created last year and Nathan Bruce and Samantha Lee were appointed in July 2017. Nathan as Parish Giving Champion is helping each parish play their part financially, finding out where help is needed and continuing to work with chapters, synods, church leaders, treasurers, Church Councils and whole churches as part of the finance team to help us reach the next level of generosity. Samantha Lee is responsible for the introduction of the Parish Giving Scheme which has been adopted as a helpful tool, raising giving on an annual basis without adding to the workload of the parish officers once it is in place. All this sits in the wider context of generosity and Samantha and Nathan continue to communicate through the Generous Giving Project so do follow their regular blogs and contact them at Cuthbert House if there are any questions at all that you would like to think through relating to finance in your church.

With her track record of cultural analysis (her area of expertise as a serving officer in the British Army for 13 years) and the communication skills demonstrated in her work with the Generous Giving Project, Rachael is taking on a new area of work as a Missional Leadership for Growth (MLG), Mission Support Partner. MLG is a programme funded by the national church to help our incumbent status leaders develop, with half the funding awarded to the programme itself and the other half to Mission Support work. Some of this has been devoted to resourcing parishes in a missional direction (such as CPAS PCC Tonight) and some is just beginning to be added as we listen to the needs of those going through the programme. David Brooke has been in post a year as the Lead Mission Support Partner – helping parishes with some of the structural obstacles to the growth of their mission and ministry, working collaboratively as part of the Mission and Ministry Support Team and also developing the Mission Projects that each MLG participant is required to create with their lay team.

Rachael has now been appointed to the role of Mission Support Partner in order to help build on the mission projects and support parishes who have participated in MLG especially in the following areas:

Evangelism and faith sharing through offering resources, access to training and building confidence to share the good news

Digital evangelism supporting local churches to use social media, A Church Near You, their own parish website, video clips, blogs and more to share the Good News and everyday stories of faith. This will help churches to reach out to that big age category we seem to struggle the most to reach.

Blogging another way to share good news of mission and ministry in an easy way. This is a tool that we would like to encourage more to use especially as MLG is about trying new things and seeing how they go rather than being afraid that things might not go well. We can learn from each other’s experiments!

Diocesan Support Obviously the whole of the Mission and Ministry Support team exists to serve the needs of the parishes as we all play our part in blessing our communities. Do get in touch and let us know what you need and we will always do our best to help.

Sophie Jelley

Director of Mission, Discipleship & Ministry, Canon Missioner Durham Cathedral

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