Here's Looking At You - Kid!! - Day 3 of the Gateshead Prayer Walk and a visit to a community farm. (Picture: Keith Blundy)

The Bishop of Durham has embarked on the 2017 round of Prayer Walks today, Ascension Day.

The prayer walks – started in Gateshead at Dunston Staiths before going along the Tyne to the Sage after a short visit to the Gateshead Heritage Centre. The Walk progress on to the Millennium Bridge; Trinity Square – where Bishop Paul lead the One Minute Silence for remembrance of those killed, maimed and effected by the Manchester Bombing. The party then visited a Credit Union; Gateshead Council; A School; The Gateshead Jewish Community before arriving at Gates head Fire Station and Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

En-route Bishop Paul prayed for Philip Tron – who was one of the victims of the Manchester Bombings when he took a short detour to visit the Gateshead Arms in Low Fell where Phillip was a Barman.

To view the complete Itinerary of the walks please visit this link on Facebook or


Bishop Paul gets in some Gold Practice with a difference at Heworth Gold Club on the 2nd day of the Gateshead Prayer Walk.
(Picture: Keith Blundy)

The Gateshead section of the 2017 Prayer Walks has concluded – and has been judged a resounding success.

Highlights of the 3 days included – a visit to Roman Road School – where Bishop Paul faced the Children for a Q&A style assembly. One lad asked the Bishop what he would rather give up, all his Churches or being a Christian. A great question that Bishop Paul answered by saying: “The simple answer is I would give up Churches – because it is following Jesus as a Christian that matter.” 

This same question was returned to in the Sunday Eucharist at St Mary’s Heworth, when Bishop Paul used it as part of his sermon.

Join us in Hartlepool starting Thursday 1st June – when we start the 2nd 2017 Prayer Walk.

A Picture Gallery of many of the places visited during this years walks can be viewed here.

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